Charged, secure, sanitized, and always ready

Mobile devices are increasingly important in healthcare workflows and how patients and healthcare professionals interact.

Tablets and smartphones enable seamless access to medical records and real-time communication. Headsets and wearable devices offer flexible patient monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. But uncharged, lost, or unsecured devices create headaches for staff, expose organizations to cybersecurity risks, and negatively impact the patient experience.

That’s why Power Technologies is committed to helping hospitals streamline device management, strengthen asset security, and enhance infection control — all so you can deliver the highest standard of care.

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Sanitizing Charging Solutions

Disinfect, charge and secure shared devices

All in one charging and sanitizing solutions designed with efficiency and security in mind.

Streamline device management so you can deliver the highest standard of care

Seamless device management

Our charging solutions ensure that your mobile electronic devices are fully charged and always ready when you need them.

Versatile and customizable

Every healthcare setting has unique needs. Our charging solutions allow you to customize for device size and quantity, select disinfection cycle times, and adjust remote administration security settings for seamless integration into your unique IT workflow.

Security you can count on

In addition to durable materials, our charging solutions can be secured to keep devices – and patient data – safe. Flexible software and network capabilities allow remote management and access trackability of shared devices.

Superior sanitization

Ultraviolet (UV-C) sanitization enhances infection control initiatives.

Robust build quality

Our charging solutions are built to last and evolve with your changing technology requirements.

Clutter-free organization

With integrated cable management and space-saving designs, our charging solutions keep your facilities neat and organized.

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