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Professional Rechargeable UHF Wireless Microphone Kit

Digital UHF (900 MHz)

Fast Setup

Pro Quality

Presentation Series

With some of the most versatile, configurable and durable accessories, Power Technologies has built its reputation on providing high quality solutions with class-leading features.

Clear Sound

Digital UHF operates in the 900 MHz band - away from TV, radio, and Wi-Fi interference.

Auto Pairing

Changes easily between 52 different frequencies.

Complete Kit

Kit includes 1/4” to 3.5mm TRS cable and 1/4” to 3.5mm TRRS cable.

Learning Made Easy

Up to 6 hours of battery life and a working range of up to 150 feet.

Our Complete Kit Includes:

  • 900 Mhz Digital Transmitter
  • Auto-Pairing Receiver
  • 3 Separate Microphones: Lavalier (Lapel) Mic, Slim Profile Headset Mic, Interview Mic
  • TRS Adapter Cable
  • TRRS Adapter Cable
  • Charging Cable